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Website Design

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

Rinixweb is a creative and an ingenious web design firm; we take the time to understand your business from web usability and search engine techniques. Rinixweb has the potential to design websites that warrant brands by creating for them websites that push the users and brings user engagement altogether. We work with you to develop a user experience which helps create value for your audience in terms of repeated visits and referrals via social media and other channels.

Help your business by associating with Rinixweb today and thus create websites that are Fully Customized and dedicated to the user base. Rinixweb has a team that is obsessed with quality and we assure unique and world class websites. Every business man should aspire to improvise his website because if your site appeals to the clients and impresses them very much, they will surely return to your services and request a purchase.

Our key Specialties: • We design both static and dynamic responsive websites with mobile compatibility at affordable prices. • We follow the W3C standards in developing websites

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Web Hosting

Let Rinixweb be the Host for your Business.

It is essential to have a website as it represents your business 24/7. Rinixweb is a leading Web hosting service provider along with domain registration in order to make your website hospitable in the World Wide Web. Having a unique domain name is essential to represent your business identity. Identifying the correct domain name for your business and its registration is rather a tedious job.

However, with Rinixweb, this whole process becomes easy and hassle free. We provide domain registrations on the various extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .org, etc. etc. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out with your first website, Rinixweb will help you in assisting every step that you take. Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Web Development

RinixWeb has a plethora of experience in web development. We successfully completed numerous of projects in business domains such as e-e-commerce, analytics, E-learning, and entertainment. A well-developed web design will not earn you money unless it is perfect. Websites act as sales executives for the companies; explaining all its details and getting into the Nitti gritty.

Thus owning a good website which hosts all the information is vital for increasing the visibility of the company and its customer base. We at RinixWeb will help you in implementing your web design from paper to reality on the internet by governing the code that makes your website tick. We develop customized websites that act as the most cost effective marketing tool and help boost business. Meet the web development coders at RinixWeb.

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Mobile Website

Mobile website is the digital gateway to the real world. Let’s create one for you!!

RinixWeb can help create a responsive mobile web design which would provide an optimal and an enriching viewing experience to the customer. Globally there are more than 4.7bn unique mobile phone subscribers and is expected to reach 5.6bn by 2020. Hence it becomes absolutely important for the new emerging businesses and the existing ones to create a whole new environment. Mobile friendly websites that are easy to view on a customer’s smart phone is need of the hour.

RinixWeb has the knowledge and experience to cater to this need of developing high quality mobile websites that fits predominantly to the mobile phone irrespective of its screen size. Having a mobile friendly website has become a critical part so as to have an online presence. Trust us making your website mobile friendly with RinixWeb does not cost a fortune.

Mobile Application

If Mobile Website is the digital gateway then Mobile Application is the Key to that gate.

RinixWeb has had a pleasant experience in the field of mobile application development in the past with most of its clients. Mobile application is the oxygen for every company. RinixWeb offers full support in mobile application development for various operating systems and platforms including IOS, Android and Windows. You cannot expect to sustain if you do not have an app. From waking up in the morning through an App based alarm to commuting to your office to booking vegetables or renting out furniture.

Tell us one thing that is not app based today. Having an app is the survival bias for every product. So how can one defy not to have an App? One can easily find a mobile app for everything common in this small world.

Mobile Applications have reached far beyond gaming and hit to the point that they now give a rich and fast user experience. These are widely disparate from websites and allow faster access to information and give a seamless browsing experience. RinixWeb is expert in developing a wide range of mobile applications for Android, Windows and IOS platforms. Associate with RinixWeb and we will create the key for the success of your business and a perfect gateway to the digital world.

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Rinix is an expert in a wide range of Ecommerce solutions. We help integrate online shopping channels. Our ecommerce team works with a deep focus towards increasing conversion rates, what are the user expectations and incorporating the very latest trends. We provide e-commerce solutions with such intricacies that the company and the product is in the best possible light for the intended audience.

By using a responsive framework we give e-commerce solutions that are effective across all devices such as mobiles, computers, desktops and tablets. Rinix also provides a platform that has the capability to run multiple websites from one interface whilst managing stocks and orders simultaneously.


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