A simple guide to great Logo’s

A simple guide to great Logo’s

Logos are just some initials of your company and an appropriate cute icon attached to it right?
Well maybe, but there’s more story to the tiny logo of your company, if you care about the branding of your company tune in we will tell you what logo really means and what a great logo contains.
Your logo is the face of your company, every time when people visit your website, office or take a glance at your visiting card what do they notice first? Your Logo.
Your Logo holds the power to convey who you are, what you do and what your company values so just some initials and a suitable icon won’t fit your company as logo.
You need something more, you need a good logo in fact you need a great logo to convey that and what’s a great logo made of.
Here are the 3 rules for a great logo


To start things of a good logo is first of all simple, simple enough to understand and simple enough to fit all the sizes of the formats of print ables like visiting card to a billboard and still be readable and be recognized as your company.
When you add lot of details to the logo it becomes unrecognizable when its printed or required in small size, its better to keep your logo plain and simple with just 1 color if possible.


Secondly,your logo shouldn’t be just another type of logo of your competitor, your logo should make you stand out from the rest of the pack and show your uniqueness.
If your company’s logo is being mistaken for other company should get back to the drawing board and create something unique.


And at last before you sketch your great logo concept, the market should be thoroughly researched and you should get to know, who are your customers and how do they associate the product or service you’re selling.
If you’re selling Ice Cream and put some asteroid as your logo cause it looks cool people find it hard to understand and remember your brand as ice cream brand especially if you’re a new brand with no marketing budget, but if you have got the big bucks for marketing you can try rewriting memories of people of asteroid to some vanilla ice cream.


If you need a great logo follow these three factors, make your logo – Simple, Distinct and Memorable.
There are many other factor’s such as color, typography,imagery but these are more important than those and picking the right logo for your company can be hard sometimes but don’t stress our designers at RinixWeb will take care of your logo.
Here at Rinix web do thorough research about your product, services and take consideration of how you want to be associated in the market and deliver you a simple, distinct and memorable logo which convey who you are, what you do and what you value.

Need a logo? Contact us now.

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