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Basic Ingredients of a Good to Great Website

In this world of the World Wide Web, everyone visits your website before they do business with you, the 0’s and 1’s presented in text, color, and animations on their computers of your will decide whether you get that first business call or not, a website isn’t just a website anymore it’s you and your whole business.

So here are some simple ingredients proved by science, to get that call, give a killer first impression and convert your website, visitors, into your customers by making a dope website, why science in the design you ask that’s a different story but for now here we go.

Ingredient no 1 – Visual Design

First things first give your visitor a warm welcome or strong note, with your visuals based on your requirement but make sure that your message delivers and it’s just a single one, a single hi and your business tagline would do, don’t bombard the user with too many messages.

After the message, the visitor should view a uniform cohesive and familiar layout of the website cause humans don’t like the things they aren’t familiar with you can break the uniformity from time to time to make something stand out but we shouldn’t overdo it ever it leads to chaos and makes user leave your site.

Ingredient no 2 – Usability

When you get the user’s attention with your visual design and warm welcome, the next step is to make sure your content is accessible and easy to understand.

The website should be simple enough to use and find out the required content, your business call to action button should stand out like E commerce website’s buy now button.

Your visitor should find the content he/she is looking for, you should map the content according to the visitor’s knowledge for example you shouldn’t put watches under home accessories.

Ingredient no 3 – Language /tone of voice

Make your visitors feel what you say, don’t use that stern robotic voice, there’s a lot of difference between saying ” your package has been delivered to you” and “Hey we saw that you got your item.. take your time with the product and let us know how you feel” keep the visitor engaged, talk to them like you would talk to your friend, greet them, make them smile be quirky and provide them with what they want.

Ingredient no 4 – Responsive

People on the internet have no patience these days cause no one is tied up to their dial-up internet anymore and have plenty of choices, we are here in the 5G world your website should be up to the speed too, make sure that your website is responsive to the user’s action in the least amount of time possible, use animations to make loading pages fun and exciting for the user, don’t load your homepage with lots of content like videos and heavy data content as it takes so long to load and finally as my java teacher used to say kiss, keep it simple and a little bit stupid so all the users can get what you are saying in an instant.

That’s it these 4 simple ingredients can make any website look and feel dope while getting the job done.

At Rinixweb we use all of these ingredients and many more to take your store online, deliver your message to millions or transform your idea into a product, if you want a website, build a brand image or create awareness for your brand through social media just visit our website and talk to us or contact the email below.

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